Livity Africa, South Africa

Livity Africa, South Africa

In partnership with Livity Africa, we gathered and analysed the voices of young South Africans to amplify their opinions and priorities for the 2016 municipal elections.

Livity Africascreen-shot-2016-10-31-at-12-38-32 ran a dynamic media campaign to encourage youth involvement in politics. The campaign, called #2X, utilised the contemporary power of the hashtag with ‘X’ symbolising formal democracy (‘2’ = to, ‘X’ = vote).

From April until the municipal elections in August 2016, Livity sparked conversations among young South Africans in a range of digital forums, including Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. We supported Livity with the design of the campaign including engagement strategies. The digital audience data gathered was analysed by Africa’s Voices to help Livity answer questions such as those in our infographic below, and report (thumbnail, right).

We also laid out the #2X campaign, a media analysis, and audience interaction in this interactive timeline.