We are hiring an Executive Director!

Africa’s Voices has come a long way since our early days at the University of Cambridge. As we are preparing for our new phase of growth, we are looking for a new Executive Director to lead us at a crucial stage of our development helping us mature from an early years start-up to a bigger, more visible, higher impact and more sustainable entity; from an organisation with its roots in academia to one which is focused on the market it serves.

The Executive Director will spearhead important strategic decisions, successfully navigating and anticipating growth opportunities with existing and new products, service offerings, markets and partnerships. She or he will be the primary public face of AVF on the continent and worldwide, building the external reputation of AVF to attract high profile champions, world-class partners and financial supporters.

More information and full application package can be found here.

**Deadline for applications June 26th, 2019**

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