Oil and gas developments in northern Kenya (Oxfam)

After the discovery of oil and gas in northern Kenya, we asked communities what their concerns and priorities were

Oil and gas developments in northern Kenya (Oxfam)

Africa’s Voices is growing a sustained partnership with Oxfam Kenya following a series of successful interactive radio projects.

In 2013, more than 300 million barrels worth of oil reserves were discovered in Turkana county, Kenya. In order for this discovery to benefit Kenya’s economy and spur inclusive development, careful planning that involves all stakeholders is crucial.

Oxfam in Kenya asked Africa’s Voices to carry out two projects as part of the public awareness component of the Kenya Extractive Industries Development Programme (KEIDP). These aimed to spark conversations about oil and gas exploration via interactive radio, and the collect and analyse citizens’ opinions. Findings from these will be used to promote sustainable and inclusive development in the region – aligned with the priorities and expectations of local communities.