Citizen-led discussions on RE-INTEG programme priorities in Somalia (European Union)

Citizen-led discussions on RE-INTEG programme priorities in Somalia (European Union)

Amplifying durable solutions 

Over 2.6 million Somalis are currently internally displaced as a result of protracted conflict, drought, and insecurity.

The EU’s RE-INTEG programme focuses on innovative, durable solutions for internally displaced persons (IDPs) and returnees- enhanced governance, employment opportunities and access to basic and protective services. The overall objective is to contribute to Somalia’s transition out of fragility. The emphasis on durable solutions necessitates stronger relations of engagement and accountability between authorities, service providers and citizens, whether displaced or host.


A Common Social Accountability Platform for Somalia 

To respond to the need for greater communications, community engagement and accountability in the RE-INTEG programme, AVF deployed its Common Social Accountability Platform (CSAP) to build two-way conversations between citizens and RE-INTEG stakeholders on durable programme components.

In this case, CSAP served to amplify RE-INTEG’s visibility and resonance with the Somali population; to increase knowledge and understanding among displacement-affected populations of their rights and responsibilities; and to derive citizen-generated evidence to inform RE-INTEG learning, adaptation and accountability.

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Amplifying Durable Solutions in Somalia - visual brief