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Africa’s Voices is a growing organisation seeking talented professionals. In particular, we are always on the look out for social scientists with excellent data science skills.

Request for Proposal 

2020/RFP No. 01: Issuance date 11/12/2020

About Africa’s Voices Foundation

Africa’s Voices Foundation (AVF) is a non-profit organisation, spun out of ongoing cutting-edge research at the University of Cambridge with a branch office in Nairobi, Kenya. We conduct innovative research and produce powerful, insightful evidence that helps to amplify the voices of Africans towards key policymakers and service deliverers. 

In media forums we spark inclusive, interactive discussions, and gather audience opinions through SMS, instant messaging, and social media. We analyse these conversations – often in low-resource local languages – using our own tested methods. We combine social science frameworks with data science techniques to provide powerful insights into the beliefs, ideas and priorities of hard-to reach populations and social groups, and how these change over time. Our evidence helps organisations and decision-makers to better understand, engage with, and respond to beneficiary populations.  

Our core business is organised in two program areas: Governance & Accountability, and Evidence-Based Social Behaviour Change. To date we have worked across health, education, humanitarian, governance, livelihoods, security and agriculture domains for a range of partners including UNICEF, Oxfam, Mastercard Foundation, World University Service Canada (WUSC), Livity Africa, Shujaaz, REACH, World Vision, World Bank and BBC Media Action. 

AVF combines rigorous academic research and a commitment to innovation with real-world impact. We provide our researchers with a vibrant interface to  world-leading university research. Team members often work with faculty, advisors, external researchers, and student interns to bring the latest ideas into our working practices. Our work has been recognised internationally, including being awarded the Market Research Society’s ‘President’s Medal’ in 2016 for our work with UNICEF in Somalia. We have offices in Nairobi, Kenya. More at

Job Summary

AVF is seeking an experienced, detail-oriented, and enthusiastic consultant producer/recording company based in Kenya to produce brief but very captivating drama pieces to be used in our radio programs.  Under the direct supervision of AVF’s Senior Media Specialist, Programme Officer and with close consultation with the Senior Programme Manager. 

Project description:

Africa’s Voices, in partnership with World University Service Canada (WUSC) and Windle International Kenya are implementing the LEAP project targeting young girls between ages 12 – 17 in Kalobeyei settlement, in Turkana County. Through the  project we shall implement a six (6) month community engagement and communication intervention anchored on interactive radio programming that will provide life skills through positive modelling and mentorship approaches. This approach is aimed at building teenage girls’ (12-17 years) knowledge of the risks they are exposed to, and build individual and collective efficacy in protecting and standing up for themselves. The period of performance for this assignment is 28th December 2020 – 6th January 2021.


  1. In consultation with AVF, fully develop five (5) scripts in both Juba Arabic and Kiswahili languages. 
  2. Catchy original signature tunes that will uniquely identify the two dramas (in Kiswahili and Juba Arabic languages) .
  3. An experience cast fully trained to voice the drama.
  4. Raw drama files for 5 radio shows (two files per show, one Kiswahili and another one Juba Arabic) in a hard drive. All the 5 drama recordings will be developed and submitted to AVF as a package. 
  5. Final edited version of each of the 5 drama recordings will be  six (minutes) in length after final editing.

Consultants minimum requirements:

  1. Fully kitted audio studio;
  2. At least two years experience in producing radio drama and other humanitarian and development media content;
  3. At least two years experience in; 
    1. Conflict sensitive programming;
    2. Working with displaced people and refugees across East Africa;
  4. The vendor will show evidence of content produced in English, Swahili, Arabic and Somali languages;
  5. The vendor will have reliable team including scriptwriters, actors;
  6. High production ethos and adherence  to quality;
  7. High level of professionalism.

Mandatory requirements: 

Submit the following; 

  • Valid tax compliance certificate
  • PIN certificate 

How to apply:

Send your expression of interest (4 pages maximum) to with the subject “2020 RFP no. 01 – Drama Production/[Insert name of your company]” which must include the following:

  • Cover letter addressed to The Executive Director, Africa’s Voices Foundation
  • Company profile 
  • Technical Proposal shall provide the following information 
    • A brief description of the Service Providers/ company and an outline of recent experience on assignments of a similar nature 
    • A description of the approach and work plan for performing the assignment 
    • The list of proposed professional staff team by area of expertise, the position and tasks that would be assigned to each staff team members 
    • Latest CVs for proposed personnel. 
  • Financial Proposal: The budget ceiling for this assignment is Kes. 850,000

In preparing the detailed Financial Proposal (budget), consultants are expected to take into account the requirements and conditions outlined in this RFP. 

  • The Financial proposal shall include all costs associated with the assignment, including (i) remuneration for staff (ii) reimbursable expenses. 
  • The Service Provider/ company will be subject to local taxes on amounts payable under the Contract. Taxes shall be included and shown clearly in the sum provided in the Financial Proposal. 
  • Financial Proposal will be in Kenya Shillings 
  • The Financial Proposal shall be valid for 60 calendar days. 
  • A link to at least three samples of similar work done
  • A link to at least three voice samples from the team
  • Recommendation letters from two (2) previous clients on similar completed assignments.

Applications closing date: December 18, 2020 at 1700Hrs East African time. Not adhering to the terms and conditions of this Request for Proposal will lead to automatic disqualification.