Our Approach

Through a unique combination of core capabilities, we enable our partners to listen to the views of ordinary people as expressed in real social spaces.

Our Approach

Africa’s Voices exists to put the voices of citizens at the heart of the continent’s transformation.

We achieve this by convening digital media spaces for plural, rich and inclusive discussions where citizens exchange with each other and are heard by decision-makers on priority concerns. We listen to citizens’ authentic voices in spaces they value and turn this engagement into rigorous social insights which accelerate impact in two ways: (i) as powerful evidence for more participatory, responsive and accountable governance and (ii) as citizen-led norm-challenging dialogues for progressive social change. 

Our belief is that voices matter. This is why we draw on a unique combination of capabilities to enable authentic, unfiltered citizen voice to be heard all the way to decision-making. We deploy novel mixed methods for social analysis, harness Africa’s rich media landscape to engage citizens in large-scale discussions, and apply tailored technology for speed and scale to draw timely and actionable insights that guide our partners to put citizens at the core of their work to enhance their impact. 

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Spun out of cutting-edge research at the University of Cambridge in 2014, Africa’s Voices is a UK-registered charity based in Nairobi, Kenya and Cambridge, UK.

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Our work centres around three core outcomes: 

  1. Engagement: Sustained, inclusive and plural dialogue between citizens and authorities;
  2. Evidence: Robust, timely and actionable insights from citizen voice;
  3. Action: Influence and support to decision-makers to act on citizen voices and close the accountability loop. 

We drive social impact through two programmes, across a range of sectors:

(1) Governance & Accountability 

(2) Citizen Evidence for Social Change