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Africa's Voices exists to put the voices of citizens at the heart of the continent's transformation.

Here’s how.

How Africa's Voices works engagement


Sustained, inclusive and plural dialogue between citizens and authorities.

How Africa's Voices works evidence


Robust, timely and actionable insights from citizens’ voices.


Influence and support decision-makers to act on citizens’ voices and close the accountability loop.

Our Work

Governance & Accountability

Our Governance & Accountability (G&A) programme changes how citizens in African countries participate in decision-making that affects them.


We achieve this by deploying our interactive radio method involving decision-makers, shaped by audience input (via SMS, instant messaging and social media), to create meaningful spaces for public dialogue.

Citizen Evidence for Social Change

Citizen Evidence for social Change (CESC) leverages Africa’s Voices’ interactive radio and mixed-methods capabilities to put citizens at the heart of programme design and policy response in sectors ranging from education to public health, gender equality and livelihoods.


Our interactive radio approach enables large-scale, plural and inclusive discussions to emerge which are contextually-based and citizen-driven.

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Our approach

We draw on a unique combination of three core capabilities to enable authentic, unfiltered citizen voice to be heard all the way to decision-making.

Citizen Voices

Authentic, unfiltered citizen views on critical issues.
  • Anyone seeking to improve the lot of African citizens must first understand the priorities of those they seek to serve. Africa’s Voices will play a key role in a more thoughtful delivery of social goods through listening first.

    Salim Ahmed Salim
    Former Secretary General of the Organization of African Unity
    Salim Ahmed Salim
  • The Common Social Accountability Platform approach is a kind of ‘think outside the box.’ The forums brought together displacement affected communities, local authorities and humanitarian partners. I believe if such dialogue continued, it will help the decision makers to think long term solutions for IDPs living in a city like Baidoa.

    Mr. Abdullahi Ali Watiin
    Former Mayor, Baidoa
  • Our ideas and opinions help broaden the perspectives of different projects we are involved in. It’s good to be involved and see for ourselves how our ideas shape the
    outcome of projects.



    Youth Participant
    Discussion on the value of youth engagement at the Thika training centre of the CAP-Youth Empowerment Institute.

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