Research Paper: How to gather opinions using radio and mobile

Read our paper on how mobile phones and radio can be used to foster public discussion and collect the opinions of ordinary Africans.

Africa’s Voices began as an applied research pilot project at Cambridge’s Centre of Governance and Human Rights (CGHR). The goal was to practically assess the potential for interactive radio to gather and comparatively analyse opinions of harder to reach sub-Saharan African populations.

The research evaluated how best to work with smaller and more rural radio stations, as well as the most effective approach to defining, gathering and measuring public opinion.

Results are presented in a research paper, as well as discussions about the methodological and ethical challenges of using ICT and interactive media that make them suitable for gathering and researching citizens’ opinion in Africa. The rich findings and learnings have fed into our work today, and provide a robust foundation for our approach.

Research paper by Dr Claudia Lopes and Dr Sharath Srinivasan
Research paper by Dr Claudia Lopes and Dr Sharath Srinivasan. Click to open.

Top image courtesy of Werner Anderson

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