Africa’s Voices to work with the County Government of Siaya to consult citizens through interactive radio

Africa Voices helps decision – makers, humanitarians and governments alike to design programmes that are grounded in people’s everyday realities. Where this is most valuable, is where we are given the opportunity to put the voices of citizens directly in conversation with decision-makers.

It is therefore, a great pleasure to announce that we will be deploying our interactive radio method with the County Government of Siaya  in Kenya to place citizens’ perspectives in conversation with decision-makers to help build large-scale and inclusive dialogue on critical issues that affect the county.

On an official announcement, the Government of Siaya recognised the need for public participation to ensure decisions made by authorities reflect the views and perspectives of citizens. In his acceptance remarks during an official visit by an AVF delegation, His Excellency Cornel Rasanga, Siaya Governor lauded collaboration, noting its potential to increase understanding of public opinion on county affairs while providing in-depth qualitative insight as well as quantitative understanding of how opinions vary by demographic group.

Our Director of Business Operations, Damaris Ndegwa, with His Excellency Cornel Rasanga, Siaya Governor


The AVF delegation


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