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A year of putting citizen voice at the heart of Africa’s transformation. 

2019 marked five years of Africa’s Voices. In many ways, it was a year of transformation. We welcomed a new leader in Samuel Kimeu and became not only Africa-based but also African-led. We launched Imaqal, our largest and most ambitious project to date, to engage Somalis in a nationwide norm-challenging conversation about gender equality and social inclusion. For the second year in a row, we put the voices of citizens at the heart of humanitarian planning processes in Somalia. And we took our Common Social Accountability Platform, first launched in Somalia, to Siaya County in Kenya to hold the county government into account for the promises made in the 2018-2019 Development Plan.




In 2020, we will continue to pursue our mission with the same zeal and excitement: to listen to citizens’ authentic voices in spaces they value and to turn this engagement into rigorous social insights that accelerate social impact in two ways: (i) as powerful evidence for more participatory, responsive and accountable governance and (ii) as citizen-led norm-challenging dialogues for progressive social change.


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