Africa’s Voices (AV) and Luminate collaborate on a two year initiative to enhance civic participation in governance in Kenya

In a move towards community-driven development, Africa’s Voices (AV) has launched the first in a series of initiatives aimed at revolutionising civic participation and engagements in devolved units. This first initiative focuses on civic participation in the implementation of County Development Integrated Plans (CDIPs) in Kitui, Machakos, and Makueni Counties in Kenya. These initiatives, supported by Luminate, demonstrate a commitment to amplifying local voices and fostering transparency in development processes.

Africa’s Voices is renowned for its innovative approaches to community engagement, and this partnership is no exception. Leveraging the power of multi-media channels, particularly radio and SMS technology, the initiatives are designed to not only listen to communities but also to connect them directly with local leaders. This builds upon Africa’s Voices previous successes in the same region, particularly the five-part interactive radio series project that captured citizens’ views on primary priorities for incorporation into the County Integrated Development Plans during the establishment of new county administrations following the general elections.

Key elements of the project include: 

  • Multi-Media Engagement: Africa’s Voices will harness its expertise in radio and SMS technology to create a dynamic communication channel. This will allow citizens to voice their opinions, concerns, and ideas regarding the implementation of CDIPs. 
  • Community-Driven Focus: By building upon the previous interactive radio series, the project aims to continue incorporating citizens’ perspectives into development planning. This ensures that the community’s needs and aspirations remain central to decision-making processes. 
  • Direct Connection: The project will create a direct link between citizens and local leaders, promoting a two-way conversation that enhances accountability and transparency in development initiatives. 

Luminate’s involvement underscores its commitment to supporting initiatives that promote open governance and citizen participation. Luminate’s support empowers Africa’s Voices to pursue this innovative approach to fostering community engagement in development. 

Mr. Samuel Kimeu, Executive Director at Africa’s Voices, highlighted the partnership’s significance: “We are excited to continue our work in bridging the gap between communities and their leaders. The success of our previous initiatives has shown us the power of technology in giving a voice to the people, and we are confident that this partnership and the initiatives emanating from it will further enhance civic participation.”

As the initiatives unfold over the next two years, citizens eagerly anticipate the potential positive outcomes. By embracing multi-media technology and building on the foundation’s past successes, Africa’s Voices and Luminate are shaping a future where communities play an active role in their own development, setting an inspiring example for participatory governance across the region.

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