Addressing barriers hindering young women’s transition to training institutions and employment pathways in Kalobeyei settlement

- Round II (WUSC)


With funding from World University Service of Canada, Africa’s Voices Foundation (AVF) is currently implementing Season 3 of the Learning through Education and Access to Employment Pathways (LEAP), project.

The project implementation entails a community engagement approach embedded with the SBCC approach (cohort conversations) aimed at contributing to the overall goal of accelerating young women’s transition to formal and informal workspaces. It is anticipated that by working with selected groups to improve attitudes held by young women and parents as well as increase young women’s participation in gender-responsive and market-based training, increased empowerment of young women will be realized.

Our SBCC strategies capitalise on working with key target groups identified as barriers or enablers of the change envisioned, allowing conversations between members and putting the groups at the centre of the change process. 

Project Details

SectorEducation, Gender
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Sharing is Caring

Through the project AVF shall implement community engagement and communication intervention anchored on interactive radio programming that will;

  1. Produce gender transformative media/ social behavioural change programming that will encourage gender equitable participation in skills training and business for young women by tackling some of the norms hindering women participation in the workforce
  2. Provide linkages for the young women to access market-driven skills Vocational or technical skills training programs 

Photo by LWF/L. Gillabert

Findings from KEEP II Pilot study

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