Africa’s Voices launches innovative project to enhance public participation on climate change adaptation in Ukambani

In a significant effort to address the pressing challenges of climate change in Ukambani, the Africa’s Voices, in partnership with the South Eastern Kenya Economic Bloc (SEKEB) has unveiled a pioneering project titled “Public Participation to Support Climate Change Adaptation in SEKEB.” This ambitious initiative aims to foster community engagement and awareness in climate change adaptation strategies, with support from URAIA, a prominent supporter of civic engagement and grassroots initiatives. 

As the impacts of climate change continue to manifest across the globe, regions like Ukambani are particularly vulnerable due to their reliance on rain-fed agriculture and natural resources for livelihoods. This project seeks to bridge the gap between policy makers, local communities, and scientific research, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of climate change adaptation efforts. 

Africa’s Voices, renowned for its expertise in using interactive media and communication tools, will employ a multi-pronged approach to encourage public participation. Through a combination of radio broadcasts, community workshops, digital platforms, and mobile technology, the campaign aims to improve the legitimacy and effectiveness of local governance in SEKEB region counties by ensuring that citizens are meaningfully consulted, and their voice, agency and influence duly incorporated into county policy and programming on climate change. 

The project will: 

  1. Build large, inclusive, and valued spaces for consulting citizens on their needs and priorities for the coming years, and that allow citizens to be influential in decision-making.
  2. Ensure that county decision-making on climate change is shaped by timely and robust evidence-based on citizen perspectives.
  3. Strengthen citizen-authority relations in development planning, by supporting county administrations to be in direct dialogue with citizens on their priorities and concerns regarding the impact of climate change.

URAIA, a well-known supporter of grassroots initiatives and community-led projects, is playing a pivotal role by providing support for this project. The collaboration between Africa’s Voices and URAIA reflects a shared commitment to empowering local communities and enhancing their agency in addressing climate-related issues. 

As the project kicks off, Africa’s Voices will work closely with local partners, community leaders, climate experts, and communication professionals to ensure its success. By harnessing the power of communication, technology, and community engagement, this initiative aspires to be a model for effective climate change adaptation efforts that prioritise local voices and knowledge. 

Photo Credit: Faith Njoki Njung’e /USAID Kenya

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