Election Conflict Hotspots Peace Messaging, State Level Democratisation and Reconciliation in Somalia


Addressing Barriers of Good Governance and Promoting Right Attitudes and Behaviours

With support from Somalia Stability Fund, Africa’s Voices concluded the strategic media communication efforts on nationwide pro-peace messaging and support for the democratization pathways in Galmudug, Puntland and South West in Somalia. We delivered conflict sensitive and evidence-based multimedia interventions advancing inclusive, responsive, accountable and democratic governance in the key target states in Somalia. These activities were aimed to support long-term progress on key stability issues related to representation, building the evidence base for future interventions in the reconciliation space, as well as broaden citizen dialogue on pro-peace messaging in response to possible violence related to the 2021 Federal elections. 

State Level Democratisation (SLD)

Africa’s Voices deployed media interventions on state-level democratisation in the Federal Member States of Galmudug, South West and Puntland. AVF delivered awareness-raising activities to state administrations on democratic governance, transparency, and accountability. The objective was to strengthen citizen-authority relationships and ground government decision-making in a nuanced and rich understanding of citizen perspectives on governance structures. We mainstreamed and challenged normative frameworks that perpetuate the exclusion of women, youth, IDPs and traditionally marginalized groups in Somalia from the decision making processes. 

Elections Conflict Hotspots Peace Messaging

In collaboration with local partners, we intensified pro-peace messaging using trusted voices of authority through radio and social media across identified hotspot locations in South Central Somalia and Puntland. We integrated conflict sensitive and local ownership approaches to amplify pro-peace messages in our programming. The interactive radio space was a valued discussion forum for citizens to share and absorb other peaceful ideas before, during and after elections in Somalia. 

Engagement in numbers 

District Council Formation (DCF), State Level Democratization (SLD), Reconciliation and Puntland Pilot Elections we heard from 9, 131 citizens who opted-in to have their views analysed and we received a total of 24, 925 messages. We hosted 31 magazine programmes on Democratization and Reconciliation broadcasts on 25 radio stations across Puntland, Galmudug, South West, Hirshabelle and Banadir Regional Administration. We hosted 11 television debates and 10 on-the-ground forums. In addition, we produced and posted 16 videos and 7 posters for social media (Facebook) on the democratization process.  For pro-peace messaging, we broadcasted 7 magazine shows with mini-dramas on 25 FM stations across Somalia as well as 6 short videos and 5 posters on our Facebook page

Project Details

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Sharing is Caring

Key Findings


There is a need for the Somali community to work on strengthening the existing cooperation and cohesion within themselves during and after elections. Messages said community members should work together with respect and understanding of each other’s rights. 


Need for cooperation to ensure accountability and transparency in government processes in your state was also emphasized.


Some of the participants largely believe that the community has a role in resolving conflict by working in unity and cooperation. Messages received indicated that the community should work together for the common interest of resolving conflict. 


Some participants supported the formation of the district councils as a good initiative. Messages suggested that the idea is good and long overdue saying it is the right direction towards the realization of good governance in Somalia.


Participants believe that peace and reconciliation can be fostered through unity and cooperation among the community. The traditional ways of resolving conflict is a complete conflict resolution mechanism. 


Some of the respondents believed that the traditional community leaders have an important role (without specifying the responsibility) in ensuring inclusive representation in regional governance.

Highlights from elections

  • Participants expressed that the on-going elections in Somalia can achieve fairness, security and stability, development and prosperity.
  • Participants also mentioned the need to maintain fairness by providing equal treatment and opportunities for all those seeking elective positions with a free and fair voting process.
  • The youth can play a role in ensuring peace during elections by working directly with security agents and also  if they are involved in the election process. The responses were not specific in what capacity.
  • Strengthening cooperation and cohesion, fostering peace and security, working on justice and equality were mentioned as a means for unifying Somalis during and after elections.


Photos by Charles Fred